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Vol. 61, March 2019

Dear black powder enthusiast, it has been quite a while between our Trapper newsletters. Thank you for your patience. Volume 61 of Around the Traps (March 2019) has finally been published for your muzzleloading reading pleasure. Enjoy!

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Vol. 60, November 2017

Just like rifle sights that occasionally get out of alignment, that’s the story of our latest Around the Traps. Originally aimed for an August release the printed Volume 60 touched off ok, but a hang fire saw the web version failing to spark. Sorry folks, but hopefully we are on target now. Enjoy our Club news.

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Vol. 59, June 2017

The Trappers are aiming to conduct a Spring turkey shoot in mid winter at Millmerran Rondyvoo. Sounds silly but don’t giggle, practice your turkey call gobble instead and shoot to win. The “gobble” is a loud, rapid gurgling sound wild male turkeys make to attract hens. Just doesn’t work for some guys!

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Vol. 58, March 2017

Here’s a sweet little thing to catch your eye. Not favoured by die-hard flint men, but anyway… well, I think it’s rather special. Hope you find some relief from the summertime black powder blues in our latest chat.

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Vol. 57, November 2016

Celebrating 10 years of Around the Traps, we conduct a Turkey Shoot, discuss Camp Ovens through history and resurrect an old relic. And… Tattler is back! Enjoy our latest edition.

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