Southern Cross Free Trappers

Incorporated in Vic. # A0049526N

About us

Southern Cross Free Trappers Inc. was established and incorporated in Victoria, Australia, for re-enactors, living history devotees, and black powder Muzzleloading enthusiasts who wish to gather and camp in the fashion practised by early Americans involved in the fur trade. It’s for folk who combine this passion to step back in time with an earnest desire to completely leave behind all that is modern, at least for a few days – Rendezvous days.

We selected the name Southern Cross Free Trappers to identify our “down-under” southern hemisphere aspect, at the same time announcing that we are unbridled by the restraints of other “range bound” black powder clubs. We are a free and independent group of re-enactors who are serious about our portrayal of the Mountain Men and Longhunters of the fur trade era and of the great Rocky Mountain rendezvous gatherings prior to 1840.

Free Trappers were Mountain Men who chose a mostly solitary existence in the Rocky Mountains. They trapped animals for their pelts (called plews) which they traded at the end of a season in exchange for essentials and luxuries – like whiskey, gun powder and lead, or a luxurious linsey-woolsey shirt. They were independent men and they possessed all their own stock in trade. Trapping beaver was their prime occupation!

Other trappers of the era were equipped and financed by the fur companies and hence they were Company men, who worked as part of a team under an overseer. In other words, they worked to a schedule and for a boss! Whereas, the Free Trappers could please themselves as to when and where they hunted, and they answered to no one.


Being Free Trappers, we choose the dates and the best locations for our various rendezvous, whilst endeavouring to suit our member’s busy schedules. We have established Guidelines as to acceptable shelters, arms, accoutrements, apparel and behaviour. We encourage continuous research for authenticity in individual persona and our overall portrayal.


“Around The Traps” is the title of our club newsletter – A perusal of our past editions will provide the reader insight to our activities, fun and friendships.

Contact any of the Committee listed below for membership or other enquiries. For information on other re-enactment groups please contact Australian Living History Federation.

Southern Cross Free Trappers Inc (Incorporated in Victoria #A0049526N)
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Your SCFT Committee

  • President – Ian Convey, tel. 03 5367 8450
  • Vice Pres & Safety Officer – Jim Walker, tel. 03 9723 5868
  • Secretary – John Fowler, mobile 0437 381 686 Email
  • Treasurer – Bob Ellis, tel. 03 5796 2753, mobile 0412 368 034
  • Committee – Murray Convey, tel. 0498 111 372
  • Committee – Paul Sly, tel. 03 5435 3557