Our club newsletters “Around The Traps” are issued at infrequent intervals throughout the year. It contains chronicles of interest to Longhunters, Mountain Men, Voyagers, Traders, Trekkers, Early Settlers, Frontier Women and other re-enactors of our bygone era.

Contributing articles are always welcome. Correspondence and enquiries to John Fowler 252 Pini Lane, Mudgegonga 3737.
Email Tel. 03 5753 4455.

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Vol. 55, May 2016


There’s some good oil out there if only you can find it. Whether it’s a rare jar of dinkum whale oil, some requested jolly sound advice or merely an entertaining read. We hope you find something to lube your interest in our latest volume.

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Vol. 54, November 2015

millmeran 2015 024

Murray Convey pens in diary format, sharing the thrill and excitement of his first visit to Millmerran’s biennial rendezvous in southern Queensland. Welcome around the traps once again. We hope you will enjoy our latest read.

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Vol. 52, May 2015

Sunny morning breakfast in camp

One of the truly great things about campin’ and shootin’ with friends is the recounting over and over the fun times, the great shots and the flukes, the camp meals, roaring fires and grand friendships. And the stories that become embellished, at first just a trifle, then oft times overly exaggerated and always, always better with each telling. Enjoy another visit with us Around the Traps.

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