Hershel House Shoot

To see how the Hershel House Shoot event came about, read our newsletter story from Vol. 37, May 2012.

Easter 2012

Good Friday Apr 6th – Easter Monday Apr 9th at Bernard’s Cache, Caveat. (Note ANZAC day is a Wednesday in 2012)
All the chores were completed at our working bee last October so now it’s time to reap the benefits and have a damn good time over this four day break. April in Victoria is categorically the best time of the year for camping under canvas. Contact any Committee member if you need a mud-map.

Spring Rendezvous 2011

Our traditional Spring Rendezvous weekend extended from Friday 16th through to Monday 19th. Arrive early to be assured of a place in the Mountain Man hunt. – Where? – Why, Beaver Creek at Whorouly, of course!

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