Spring Rendezvous 2012

Our traditional weekend of 3rd Sunday of September extended from Friday 14th thru to Monday 17th at Bernard’s Cache, Caveat. Springtime in Victoria is without any doubt a superb time of year for camping under canvas. Why not slot all our events on your camping calendar now?

Canvas period tents – a Bob Ellis’ focus feature

Period Tents

Just some of the many varieties of period tents that can be ordered from Bojo Products are depicted here. For many years Bob Ellis, trading as Bojo, has been making high quality primitive style tents for re-enactors from all parts of Australia and quite a few for overseas clients as well.

Not generally seen on our Rendezvous pages are Medieval (from the 5th until the 15th centuries) tents, or the many military style shelters including those of the American Civil War (from 1861 to 1865). Contact Bob to discuss your needs, whether Tipi, voyager tent, wall tent, wedge tent, a bell-end, Baker or Sibley, tent fly and tarps. Bob will custom make to your specifications. He can also supply canvas water buckets and such canvas covers suitable to disguise modern Esky’s etc.

Call Bob on 0412 368 034

Winter Quarters 2012

June 9, 10 & Monday 11th our traditional rendezvous at Bernard’s Cache, Caveat. The sunny days and crisp evenings of June in the Caveat Highlands is absolutely another best time of the year for camping under canvas.

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