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Vol. 40, October 2012

Rain, showers and more solid rain; that was the weather pattern leading up to September’s Rendezvous at Caveat. Yes, we’ve just come through our wettest few months for many a long year. About ten years in fact, this is why we hadn’t previously seen it so damp underfoot at Bernard’s Cache. Oh, the camp area was perfect as usual; it was just the farm paddock access tracks that caused a few minor concerns, especially for the 2WD owners.

Vol. 39, August 2012

Gidday! The Trappings have been a trifle thin since our last posting. Members voted for a change of venue for our September Rendezvous. Bernard’s Cache, Caveat was the choice. In this edition we feature a primitive rabbit hunting story from Paul “Le Reynard” Sly, but there is a twist of game.

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Vol. 38, July 2012

Twenty five years ago Glen Mitchell invited a group of black powder enthusiasts to camp in primitive style bordering a relatively young pine plantation near his home in Carboor, north-east Victoria. That was the first of several such rendezvous’ to follow in the ensuing years.

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Vol. 37, May 2012

We got real lucky and the cold front didn’t push through until around midday on Easter Monday when most of the 24 attending had decamped and were heading home. Autumn really is a fabulous time for enjoying campfires and primitive canvas tents!

Good Friday was our official set up day although a couple of early birds had arrived in glorious weather a day earlier. The time was spent making camps shipshape and cutting stacks of firewood preparatory of cool mountain evenings to come.

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Vol. 36, March 2012

Welcome to our first newsletter for 2012. Did you perchance make any New Year’s resolutions to do more leisurely camping, more shooting, more hunting and fishing? In this issue we feature another gem of Ian Convey’s easy-to-follow handcraft lessons.

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Vol. 35, December 2011

Welcome to another read of Club doings. Not that we program a great deal during the warmer weather following our traditional September Rondy. Early November saw us at Berwick again for the annual Time Line event …

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