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Vol. 47, February 2014

There’s something about iron furniture, unembellished stock timber with nice sharp lines that draws my attention and hopefully yours too. Is it a poor-boys? In this edition we recognise some fine workmanship from good mates up in Mississippi.

Vol. 46, November 2013

Welcome to another read, very probably our last before the summer lay-off. It’s been a while between newsletters, I know, and there’s not much happening in black powder burning or camping from now til Easter. A good time to concentrate on kit and camp set-up and any necessary repairs. Also an opportune time to re-read our past newsletters for inspiration to tide us through the hot dry weather; like, try volume 37 for the great sequence of flintlock action. And now, here’s volume 46 for your latest reading enjoyment.

Vol. 45, July 2013

Welcome to our vol. 45 and another read of club doings. It doesn’t seem all that long ago I was writing volume 40 or even volume 32. These numbers represent popular calibres to all black powder shooters. Funny thing is, when I turned 45 I thought what a fantastic calibre, so what an incredible year I’m gonna have; but it wasn’t long before I was similarly thinking about 50 cal…. At 54 I dismissed that thought-train as bullshit. I reckon all black powder enthusiasts, young or old, are truly a fun-loving remarkable calibre of people.

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Vol. 44, June 2013

Trade blankets have always attracted Buckskinners. This one has a good variety of plunder as it is a combined effort from the small gathering who attended what augurs to be the last Pine Ridge rendezvous due to imminent logging operations.

Vol. 43, March 2013

Vintage car enthusiasts are rather similar to Buckskinners in many ways. We all love stepping back into the past, driving old cars and shooting older guns, while appreciating simplicity of design, mechanical quality and good old-fashioned reliability. In this edition we are visited by members of the Austin 7 Club of Victoria; we have also added to our gallery, photos from good friends both far and wide. Wishing all readers a safe and happy Easter and a good bag to all duck hunters.

Vol. 42, January 2013

Battle of Trafalgar bicentenary celebrations

A very happy New Year to all.

Major cities around the world have again welcomed the 1st January with the usual fireworks spectacular. These marvellous events must of course keep the powder manufacturers very busy. That is good! We need these supply sources to stay in the business. Now we move on to other celebrations – like the 250th anniversary of the end of the French and Indian Wars. Cause for year-long fireworks in my book; with long rifles, patched ball and FFFg. Welcome to another newsletter read, check out our Events calendar, and let’s keep the happy times and powder burning going all year.

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