Beechworth’s Ned Kelly Festival

Leap into the future at Beechworth’s Ned Kelly Festival. Shuck off those pre-1840 duds and embrace time travel into the 1870’s and 80’s. Join all the fun at historic Beechworth and camp over on the Police paddocks right behind the Courthouse where the wounded Ned will re-hear the charges against him. Streets of period style tents planned. Be in the thick of the weekend’s re-enactment festivities and country fair. Contact Bob Ellis for further details.

7th Annual Winter Quarters

June 11, 12 & 13th. Queen’s Birthday holiday weekend. Our 7th Annual Winter Quarters encampment in the central highlands – Bernard’s Cache, Caveat.

Easter Cache 2011

April 22nd – 26th. ANZAC day 2011 coincides with Easter Monday and the government has gazetted Tuesday 26th as a public holiday. That creates the marvellous prospect for a full five day camp spanning Good Friday to Easter Tuesday. Don’t miss this wonderful opportunity for a relaxing extended camp. Location – Bernard’s Cache, Caveat.

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