Sept 20 & 21 Spring Rendezvous 2014

Jenny Baker of the Frontiers Living History Group shares her Facebook photos taken at our September Rendezvous. Guests visiting the Trappers camp for the first time were Mary & Harry Curphy and Sharon & Noel Lindsay. Loads of fun shared by all.

July 2014 News

Special thanks go again to George and Kay Mohr for sharing these photographs taken at Fort Frederick during their latest trip to the States. George reiterated his opinion that it’s worth a trip to the States just to go to the Fort Frederick Market Fair. Now that’s not hard to believe.

May 2014 News

April at Bernard’s Cache – Seems we were having too nice a relaxing rendezvous to bother with photo graphics over Easter, however special thanks must go to George Mohr for the splendid gallery pictures from Camp Dubois.

Plus 6 fresh pics of Camp Dubois from George Mohr’s email.

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