Primitive Rendezvous

Sept 19th/20th thru to 26/27th Primitive Rendezvous at Beaver Creek, Whorouly. Take a break from the mundane and live the past eras of your dreams. Main events are Sat 19th / Sun 20th when Glen & Paul orchestrate our Mountain Man Hunt, but why not add a full week of relaxing camp life among friends below that big ol’ Mt Buffalo?

Need directions to our Rondyvoo? Contact the secretary or any Committee member.

5th Annual Winter Quarters Rendezvous

June 6-8th Queen’s Birthday holiday weekend at Bernard’s Cache, Painted Pony Plains, Highlands-Caveat.

Longhunters autumn turkey hunt

May 2nd & 3rd Longhunters autumn turkey hunt at Bernard’s Cache, Highlands-Caveat.

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